Prime Minister Laptop Scheme Registration Update 2023

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme Registration Update 2023

PM Laptop Scheme 

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme which is being launched by Higher Education Commission Islamabad under Prime Minister’s Youth Program. The aim of the Laptop Scheme project is to provide merit-based laptops to young and talented students studying in public sector higher education institutions across Pakistan and to create employment opportunities.

What is Prime Minister Laptop Scheme

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2023 has been announced under which laptops will be provided to 50 thousand eligible students in public sector universities across Pakistan. The laptop scheme was launched earlier in 2017 under which laptops were provided to more than 50 thousand students. 

The objective of this PM Laptop program is to provide free laptops to the students so that they can improve their skills and contribute to the development of the country. The Prime Minister Laptop Scheme was earlier launched only for the youth in Punjab, so it has been decided that this scheme will be distributed equally to all the provinces across Pakistan.

Registration Process PM Laptop Scheme

  • Eligible candidates need to go directly to the HEC website and complete the online registration process to enroll in Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2023.
  • The details and registration guide are shown on the official scheme website and PM App portal. This is to ensure easy access to interested students.
  • Eligible students are required to complete the registration form and provide information about their educational background and contact information. Official announcements and important dates and updates regarding the registration process are essential to ensure the timely submission of applications.

Objectives of the PM Laptop Scheme

Following are the main objectives of the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme

  • To improve and innovate Pakistan’s IT industry to meet international standards
  • To foster deep and strong relationships between institutes and IT training providers
  • To enable educational institutions to provide the best environment for students to facilitate networking
  • Enhanced the learning environment for students by enhancing IT programs and providing state-of-the-art IT technology
  • To be competitive at the international level in the field of IT by providing Cooler Top
  • Assisting in the digitization process of Pakistan School College University and Technical Institute
  • Helping institutes to sell digitization of rigid campus processes with the latest technology

Eligibility Criteria 

According to the table below, students have not registered before the duration of their respective program

  •   Applicant must have CNIC or B Form
  •   Must be a valid student as per last date of application submission
Degree NameDurationDate of AdmissionEnd Date
PhD5 Years31-Dec-1731-Dec-23
MS/ MPhil or Equivalent2 Years31-Dec-2031-Dec-23
MBA3.5 Years30-Jun-1931-Dec-23
MBA2.5 Years30-Jun-2031-Dec-23
MBA1.5 Years30-June-2131-Dec-23
Masters (16 years)2 Years31-Dec-2031-Dec-23
Undergraduate5 Years31-Dec-1731-Dec-23
Undergraduate4 Years31-Dec-1831-Dec-23

The students studying in public sector universities degree awarding institutions recognized by HEC

  • Students participating in a Ph.D., MS, MPhil, or equivalent 18-year academic program
  • Students enrolled in a four or five-year bachelor’s degree program
  • Students enrolled in MBA program

PM Laptop Scheme 2023 Ineligibility

If you meet the below criteria then you are not eligible for PM Laptop Scheme

  • Students enrolled in any private sector higher education institute
  • Admitted to any government degree and postgraduate college and affiliated institutions
  • Who has previously taken a laptop from any kind of government or non-government organization?
  • Students with foreign citizenship cannot participate in this program
  • If you do not meet the eligibility criteria but you have been identified by the institution and you have been disqualified based on that decision.
  • Online application has not been submitted and their online application has not been received through the portal
  • At the time of examination, the student failed to produce the required documents and proof of academic performance will be declared ineligible for this laptop scheme.
  • Any selected students who have passed the degree program before the distribution of laptops

Distribution Criteria

  • PM Laptops will be awarded on a merit basis to higher education degree holders i.e. PhD,MS, M.Phil, and 16 years of education.
  • This quota will be determined according to the enrollment of the university and the quota of laptops for each degree program will be determined.
  • According to the instructions of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the quota has been fixed for Balochistan which is 14 percent and according to this, laptops will be vaccinated in Balochistan.
  • The rest of the laptops are allocated to the government sector according to their priorities

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