Electricity Price Per Unit in Pakistan Updated September 2024

Electricity Price Per Unit in Pakistan Updated September 2024

Electricity Unit Price in Pakistan 

Electricity Price Unit prices in Pakistan are increasing continuously day by day. The price per unit of electricity may vary depending on the province you live in. There are divisional electric supply companies in Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, and KPK which ensure power supply at different rates. which you should know about. What is the cost of electricity per unit at that time? 

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National Electric Power and Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) Pakistan’s electricity supply is managed and fully controlled by NEBRA. The rate of electricity supplied to the Government of Pakistan is determined by Nepra and its structure is prepared. You can easily see the per unit energy cost in the bill calculation section. About which we will let you know the complete details. 

WAPDA is in charge of electricity and water resources in Pakistan. WAPDA is playing its role in ensuring both electricity and water supply in Pakistan. It also handles the new arrangements for electricity and water in Pakistan.

Electricity Per Unit Price in Pakistan update 

After the increase in the price of electricity, electricity has become 65 rupees per unit. While the minimum price has become 22 rupees per unit.NEPRA has further increased the electricity prices. Which has been done under the supervision of the government. So be aware of this new update and know about the price per unit of electricity.

We are presenting all the details in front of you which are given in the table below. So now you can find out how much the electricity rates are increasing per unit, consider the table below and read carefully.

Domestic Rate Per Unit Rate.

Number of UnitsRate per 1 Unit (kWh)Updated On
1-100Rs. 2225th August 2024
101-200Rs. 3225th August 2024
201-300Rs. 3725th August 2024
301-400Rs. 4325th August 2024
401-500Rs. 4725th August 2024
501-600Rs.4925th August 2024
601-700Rs.5225th August 2024
More than 700Rs.6525th August 2024

Commercial Connection Per Unit Rate

Load TypeRate per Unit (kWh)Updated On
Less than 5kW loadRs. 38.8025th August 2024
More than 5kW loadRs. 40.2625th August 2024

List of Electricity Distribution companies of Pakistan

Electricity distribution companies in Pakistan are given below.

  1. (FESCO)-Faisalabad Electric Supply Company 
  2. (GEPCO)-Gujranwala Electric Power Company 
  3. (HAZECO)-Hazara Electric Supply Company
  4.  (HESCO)-Hyderabad Electric Supply Company 
  5. (IESCO)-Islamabad Electric Supply Company 
  6. (KESC)- Karachi Electric Supply Company 
  7. (LESCO)-Lahore Electric Supply Company 
  8. (MEPCO)-Multan Electric Power Company 
  9. (PESCO)-Peshawar Electric Power Company
  10. (QESCO)-Quetta Electric Supply Company 
  11. (SEPCO)-Sukkur Electric Power Company 
  12. (TESCO)-Tribal Electric Supply Company 

Electricity Price Structure in Pakistan:

The cost structure per unit of electricity in Pakistan is as follows:

Electric Supply Incharge Companies

  • The unit price is used according to the unit rate.
  • Meter Fare (not applicable to everyone)
  • Service Charges (not applicable to everyone)
  • Adjustment in the price of fuel
  •  R-Surcharge
  • Surcharge
  • QTR Tariff ADJ/DMC

Government in charge

  1. Electricity duty
  2. TV fee
  3. General Sales Tax (GST)
  4. Radio Fee

How to Calculate Your Electricity Bill?

We will tell you about the complete procedure of calculating the bill here is a complete guide. How to calculate your electricity bill after a tariff increase and what are the factors that affect it? If you have to calculate your electricity bill. Then you have to multiply the units you use with the base tariff. FAC has to be added and then taxes and head charges have to be added. We also need to check whether your consumption comes during peak hours or not. If yes then you have to multiply your pack over units with the pack and rate and add it to your bill.

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We explain with the example given below that if you use 300 units in a month out of which 100 units are during peak hours then your bill will be calculated like this.

Base Tariff = 200 x 20 = Rs 4,000

Fuel Adjustment Charges = Rs0 ( no change in fuel prices)

Tax & Surcharges = Rs 4000 x 0.2 = Rs 8000 (assuming that 20% of base tariff and FAC)

Peak hour charges rate = 50 x (30.69 – 20) = Rs 534.69

Total bill calculation = Rs4000 + Rs0 + Rs1,585 + Rs534.69 = Rs6119.69

Now, your electricity bill for July 2024will be Rs.6119.69


Due to the government, the rates of electricity have also increased for Langarans. In which four indices have been increased by five rupees. Along with the increase in inflation, the increase in electricity rates is causing problems for the people. We have informed you about all the information in this article. which are related to your electricity bill. So keep visiting our website for new updates and information, we will continue to benefit you in the same way.

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