BISP Waseela-e-Taleem Program Registration Latest News 2024

BISP Waseela-e-Taleem Program Registration Latest News 2024

 BISP Waseela-e-Taleem Program Registration

BISP Waseela-e-Taleem The Government of Pakistan has also started the BISP Waseela-e-Taleem under the Ehsaas Kafalat Program 9000. In which they are providing scholarships to deserving children. Which will help them to bear the expenses of their education. Which will eventually make it easier to get an education. 

Therefore, it is very important to create similar opportunities. Which can help everyone to get an education and play an important role in the success of the country. Because education is one of the most important pillars of society. Education plays an important role in the development and prosperity of any country. 

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Therefore, those who want to register in the  Waseela-e-Taleem Program and want to meet their educational expenses with the financial aid received from the means of education. So they should complete their registration process as soon as possible. Registration has started in the  BISP Waseela-e-Taleem Program. Therefore, those poor and deserving students who want to continue their education should complete their registration to be a part of this program and get financial assistance from it.

BISP Waseela-e-Taleem Program Registration Latest News 2024
BISP Waseela-e-Taleem Program Registration Latest News 20244

How To Apply for BISP Waseela-e-Taleem?

There is a very easy procedure given in BISP Waseela-e-Taleem to register. Women who are already part of the BISP program and are receiving financial assistance. 

  • So they should go to the BISP office to register their children. 
  • There you will be given a form for registration.
  •  This form is to be filled out by the child’s school office. 
  • Then you have to submit this filled form back to the BISP office.
  •  In this way, the registration of your child will be completed and you will be given a stipend from the  BISP Waseela-e-Taleem.

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Required Documents for Registration 

There are some documents required for registration of the BISP Waseela-e-Taleem Program.

  1. Student B-Form.
  2. School admission Application form.
  3. Student age, name, and class.
  4. CNIC of a female guardian.

Eligibility Criteria 

For those students who want to know their eligibility criteria for BISP Waseela-e-Taleem

 then we have provided this criterion below for them. So consider this criterion.

  • Any female sponsor from the student’s family must join the kafala program in advance.
  • If a student is enrolled in primary education, his age should be between four years and 12 years.
  • If a student is enrolled in secondary education, his age should be between eight to 18 years.
  • The age of the student should be between 13 years to 22 years for higher year education.

Waseela-e-Taleem Registration Through Mobile App:

The government has also introduced an app to register in BISP Waseela-e-Taleem. This app can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and can be installed and registered. Students who are familiar with this app can easily get financial aid for this program by registering in Wasela Education through their mobile. To register on this app, you have to provide all your personal information that we have provided. The above is provided in the required document.

 Application Menue:

  • Registration
  • Process of verification
  • Mode of transaction of payments
  • Government’s check
  • Government’s support system

 BISP 8171 Web portal Waseela-e-Taleem 

It is very important to know the eligibility for registration in the BISP Waseela-e-Taleem

 To check it follow the procedure given below.

  • See the official website for resources.
  • Press the online registration button.
  • Enter your mobile number on it. 
  • For verification purposes, a verification code will be sent to your mobile number. 
  • You have to enter that code in the verification code button.
  • After that an application form will be displayed on the page and you have to fill the form properly in the field asked for.
  • In the last step, you have to submit the form. After filling out the form, click on the Submit Application button.

Stipend given in  BISP Waseela-e-Taleem

Those students who become eligible for BISP will be given financial assistance by the government every three months. Rs.2000 for girls and Rs.1500 for boys. This amount will be transferred to the account of women registered in the sponsorship program who are already part of the BISP kafalat program.

Advantages of Waseela-e-Taleem program:

  1. Number of enrollments
  2. Reduce poverty level
  3. Women Empowerment
  4. Reduction in drop-out numbers
  5. Better quality of education
  6. Quality of health


Student applications for registration in resource education programs are required again. Those students who belong to poor and deserving families who face difficulties in meeting the educational expenses. They can solve this problem by becoming a part of the BISP Waseela-e-Taleem program. This program has been created by the government under the Ehsaas Kafalat program. Keep visiting our website for more new updates and information. We will continue to provide you with all kinds of updates and guidance regarding BISP.

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